You can find the guidelines for job postings on Jooble below. These suggestions will help you ensure that your vacancies are understandable to potential candidates.

Direct job posting is available for the following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Thailand.

Job title and description

Job title:

  • The title of the job should clearly describe the position;
  • Do not include multiple positions in the title of one job;
  • Do not add any supporting information to the title. For example: A salesperson is urgently required  Salesman.

Job region (locality):
The job region field requires you to indicate the locality where the employee will work.

If the job applies to multiple regions or cities, create separate job postings for each location. For remote work, specify the region. For work abroad, specify the region as well.

Job description:
Keep your description simple and straightforward. It will help you to attract the most relevant jobseekers.
Fill in the following subheadings:

  • Requirements: indicate the required skills and qualifications of the candidate;
  • Working conditions: describe the advantages of working in your company so that the candidate makes a decision in your favor;
  • Responsibilities: describe the tasks to be performed.

Don't confuse the applicants
You should not publish descriptions of multiple positions within the same job posting or publish jobs that do not correspond to the activities of your company.

Write the truth
Provide accurate and truthful information about the job, such as the location, responsibilities, terms and conditions of work, and salary.

Company authentication

Currently, only legal entities or private entrepreneurs can post jobs.

At Jooble, we place great emphasis on job quality and employer authenticity.

In the interests of jobseekers, we trust companies that prove their status. Follow these guidelines to make it easier to verify and authenticate your company:

  • the name of the company on the Jooble website must match the name of the company in the document confirming the registration of the company;
  • the document must adhere to the model approved by the relevant authority in the country where the company is registered;
  • the domain of the company's website must match the domain of the company's corporate mail.

Possible reasons for not approving your account/job postings

Here are some reasons why your account or job posting might not be approved or blocked after the initial approval:

  • the name of the company does not match the name of the company in the provided documents;
  • the domain of the company's website does not match the domain of the company's corporate mail;
  • the job involves activities that are prohibited or unacceptable, such as providing erotic services or related activities, fraudulent housework like packaging goods or letters from home, network marketing, writing academic papers such as research, term, diploma, and test papers, as well as consulting on such writing, reprinting text, etc.;
  • > 80% of the job posting text is written in italics or capital letters;
  • there is a list of several positions in the job description;
  • there is extra information in the job title;
  • there is no job title in the job description;
  • incorrectly specified job region (locality);
  • discrimination by age and/or gender;
  • duplication of vacancies in different regions;
  • frequent change of company name;
  • customers have reported fraud, as a result, job postings have been suspended;
  • using the same contact details or company name is not allowed;*
  • a business is from Russia or direct/indirect cooperation with Russia, or operates under restrictive sanctions imposed by the US, Canada, the EU, or other countries. More information can be found in the article Information for employers from the temporarily occupied territories not controlled by the governments of Ukraine, as well as for employers from Russia, Belarus, Venezuela and Cuba 
Any job posting can be rejected and removed from the Jooble website without notification. We reserve the right to remove any vacancy if it contradicts our interest or the interest of job seekers.

If your job posting was not approved during moderation, the reason for its rejection will be indicated in your account. You can edit the job posting and submit it again for approval.
If you have any questions about this information, please write to us on the portal.

*Using the same contact information or company name
If a new account uses a company name, email address or phone number that has been used by other employers before, such account will not be allowed to post jobs.

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