The main goal of Jooble is to help you find a job.

That's why we divide our jobs into two categories depending on how they are posted: Jobs from partners and jobs posted on our website.

Jobs from partners - jobs gathered from various sources (so sometimes you will be redirected to another site to apply for a job);

Jobs posted on our site - jobs posted on our site by direct employers as part of a B2B relationship.

When you visit our site and enter a search request, the set of jobs you receive and the way in which they appear in the search results depends on many factors. In particular:

  • Your search request (job title + region + filters);
  • Previous searches, clicks, responses, and job browsing history; and
  • The availability of a job in a specific region (if there is no job in a specific region, the algorithm will offer jobs in another region or other jobs);
  • etc.

Jooble operates in 67 countries and the job search algorithm is different for each country. It depends on many internal details, the number of products on a particular domain, individual country characteristics and other things. 

All jobs are selected based on the analysis of many additional parameters and are customized for each job seeker. Therefore, two different users may have completely different results for the same search, and even for the same user, search results may change over time due to the following factors

  • Website content is constantly changing - updated, added, deleted;
  • Ranking algorithms are rebuilt based on what a particular user and Jooble users interact with.
  • We constantly test our search algorithms. Therefore, the display of jobs for several users in the same country may be different because they are in different test groups. 

Useful tips for an effective job search:

  • Your search request should be clear. Instead of " great sales manager job", type in "sales manager".
  • Additional filters can help you find more relevant jobs;
  • Use the "Salary" page to find out the current salary for the desired position in the desired region. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the results of displaying jobs on our website

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