If you can't log in to your Employer account, please make sure that you:

  1. enter the correct email address of your Employer account.
  2. don't add unnecessary spaces before and after the email address.
  3. don't have CapsLock on.
  4. don't try to log in as a Jobseeker.
Log in to your account on the website of the country you have created the account for.

Password recovery

If you've entered your password correctly, but you're still getting the “Invalid password” error, please reset your password.

Please make sure you double-checked all the steps above before having your password reset. The common reason for invalid password is the "CapsLock" key enabled or spaces before/after the password.

To recover your password:

  •  click the "Reset password" button
  • Enter your email address and click the "Restore my password" button
  • You will receive a password recovery letter to the specified email address. In the letter itself, click the “Click here to recover your password” button, or copy and paste the link below this button into your browser window:
  • Enter a new password
    We suggest keeping a record of your password for future reference in case you need to access your account. Then click the “Save” button.
In case you enter your new password and still can't log in to your account, please clear your cookies and cache in your browser or try using another browser.

If you have any further questions, or your problem still remains after following all the steps mentioned above, please contact us via portal.

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