At Jooble, we prioritize providing a reliable and trustworthy platform for job seekers. Our moderation process ensures that the job offers posted by employers meet our quality standards. The process itself usually takes just e few minutes, but here are the step you might go through:

Step 1: Account Verification.
After registering as an employer, your account will undergo a verification process. Here's what you need to know:

- We verify the authenticity of your company and the job offers you intend to post on Jooble.
- Our goal is to prevent fraudulent or misleading vacancies, ensuring a positive experience for job seekers.

Step 2: Review by Jooble's Moderation Team.
Our dedicated moderation team carefully reviews the details of your company and its activities. Here's what happens during this step:
- The moderation team examines the information you provided during registration, including your company's profile and job offers.
- This review process helps us maintain the quality and reliability of job listings on Jooble.

Step 3: Additional Document Verification.
In some cases, we may request additional documents from you to verify the authenticity of your company. Here's what you should know:
- Additional document requests aim to further validate your company's legitimacy.
- These documents may include legal paperwork, licenses, or other relevant information
- Providing the requested documents promptly can help expedite the moderation process.

Step 4: Automatic Confirmation or Doubts and Additional Verification.
Based on the review conducted by our moderation team, one of the following outcomes will occur:
- If your company's activities comply with Jooble's policies and you have used a corporate email address, your account will be automatically confirmed after a thorough review.
- However, if our moderation team has doubts regarding the authenticity of your company, we reserve the right to decline registration or request further verification documents.

Step 5: Prompt Job Offer Publishing.
Once your account is confirmed, you can start posting job offers and promoting them using our Premium Posting feature. These job offers will be promptly published on Jooble, allowing you to connect with potential candidates.

We understand the importance of the moderation process in maintaining the integrity of our platform. If you have any challenges or questions during the moderation process, please don't hesitate to contact us via the Jooble portal. Our team is here to support you and ensure a smooth experience as an employer on Jooble.

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