I would like to change the email address and telephone number used to register the Employer account and to receive responses from interested candidates.

To change a contact phone number, email address, or your name, you should click the button with your name in the upper right corner of your account.
Click the "Settings" button:Make the necessary changes to the data and click the "Save changes" button.

Once you have the contact email address changed, you will need to confirm it immediately. The confirmation letter is sent automatically. You should follow the link in the letter that will come to your new email address.

I would like to change corporate email that is used for verification of my company.

To change the corporate email of your company you need to contact your personal manager.
Contact information of your personal manager is in the right part of your account.

In case you do not have personal manager, or there was some problem getting in touch with him/her, please contact us via portal from your corporate email address. In your email, specify the reason for your request and provide us with your Employer ID (it is available in your account).

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