When you search for a job on Jooble, our goal is to offer top-quality jobs while keeping our users safe. We offer a Report feature that permits you to help us keep job postings at the highest quality levels. You can report any jobs that don't meet our standards or seem to be inappropriate.

What types of jobs can you report?

  • It's offensive or discriminatory: Use the Report option to let us know about any jobs that contain offensive or discriminatory content. Your help will enable us to create an environment of equal opportunity for all job seekers.
  • It looks like a fraud or scam: Please let us know if you find a job offer that seems to be a scam or fraudulent. We want to keep you safe from potential danger and maintain the reliability of the information on the platform.
  • It's expired or closed by employer: Your help is important in identifying mistakes or old information in job postings. This helps keep the information accurate and up to date for other users.
  • Other problems: If your situation doesn't fit any of the categories mentioned above, you can choose "Other" and provide a detailed explanation. Your comments assist us in understanding new challenges and issues.

Here's how to make a report:

1. Find the job you want to complain about and go to its page. Scroll down and click "Report."
2. Follow the instructions on the form to file your complaint. 

As always, you could report the job via the portal. In your request, please provide all the information about the vacancy you have: the link to the job,the full job position or company name, the date of your response to the vacancy, or any letters you received from a fraudulent company, a screenshot or scan copy given by the employer as proof of fraud. 

We will carefully review your complaint and, if necessary, take action like editing or removing the job. We use your complaints to make sure that the jobs on our platform are of high quality and to protect you from any risks.

Please note that filing a job complaint may not lead to immediate action, but it is a crucial tool for enhancing the quality and safety of the platform.

We appreciate your help in developing the best job search experience on Jooble. Your feedback assists us in making sure that the platform is reliable, practical, and responsive to your needs.

Together, we will make Jooble the most secure platform for job seekers!

Report Vacancy