One of the frequently asked questions from our users is how to connect to the Jooble REST API after receiving the key. We are pleased to explain the connection process to you step by step.

  1. Obtaining the Jooble API Key: First and foremost, you need to obtain the Jooble API key. Visit the page on our website, where you will find the necessary information and examples of using the Jooble REST API.
  2. Reviewing the Documentation: On the page, you will find detailed documentation regarding the available endpoints, request parameters, and the response format of the Jooble REST API. Pay special attention to the section with code examples that will help you better understand API usage.
  3. Developing the Connection Code: Utilize the code examples provided in the documentation to develop your own connection code to the Jooble REST API. Choose the programming language you are most familiar with and follow the instructions and examples provided in the documentation.
  4. Passing the API Key: When making requests to the Jooble REST API, it is crucial to pass the API key obtained in the previous step. In the documentation, you will find code examples on how to correctly pass the key in your requests.
  5. Utilizing Endpoints and Handling the Response: After successfully connecting to the Jooble REST API, you will be able to utilize the available endpoints to retrieve data about job vacancies, companies, and other information. The server's response will be in the format specified in the documentation. Your code should handle this response accordingly based on your website or application.

Remember that the usage of the Jooble REST API is subject to the terms of use, which are also described on the page. Please ensure that you comply with these terms and limitations.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. We are ready to help you with connecting to the Jooble REST API and answer all your inquiries.

Thank you for choosing Jooble for your job search needs and for utilizing our API!

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