At Jooble, we offer a Premium service that allows employers to enhance their job postings and reach a wider audience. As part of this service, we offer the option for preauthorized payment, which means customers can choose to pay for the Premium service before their account is approved by our moderation team. 

What is Preauthorized Payment?

Preauthorized payment is an option provided to our customers, allowing them to pay for the Premium service upfront before their account is fully approved. This means that the payment is processed and authorized, but the activation of the Premium service is contingent upon the successful moderation of the employer's account.

Why Choose Preauthorized Payment?

By opting for preauthorized payment, customers can ensure a seamless transition to the Premium service as soon as their account is approved. It eliminates the need for manual payment processing after the account approval, saving time and effort for both the employer and Jooble. However, please note that preauthorized payment is entirely optional, and customers can choose not to prepay and proceed with manual payment upon account approval.

Account Approval and Moderation:

After selecting the preauthorized payment option, the customer's account will undergo moderation by our team to ensure compliance with our guidelines and policies. This process typically takes a short period of time. If the account is approved, the Premium service will be activated immediately, and the customer can start enjoying the benefits right away. However, there may be cases where an account does not meet our moderation criteria and is not approved.

Account Not Approved: What Happens to the Payment?

If, for any reason, an employer's account is not approved by our moderation team, the preauthorized payment will be automatically refunded. The refund process usually takes 7 to 10 business days. The refunded amount will be returned to the original card used for the payment. Please note that the refund is initiated automatically, and no action is required from the customer's side.

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