Direct job posting is available for the following countries: Bulgaria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Thailand.

Jooble does not provide the opportunity for direct access to candidates' resumes. However, the employer can use the  “Potential Candidates” function to find an employee faster.
This function allows you to have a look at the resumes of applicants who have applied for similar vacancies before.

  • Log in to your Employer account
  • Click the "Potential Candidates" button

The button is in the right corner of the page. You will see a list of potential candidates selected by our algorithm. You can send an email, download or delete the resume in case the candidate is not suitable for you.

This function is available in those countries where it is possible to sign up as an Employer on our site. More information on the list of countries and detailed instructions how to create an Employer account can be found in the following articles How to post a job on Jooble, How to sign up as an Employer

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