How long are job postings active on Jooble? The standard duration for job postings on Jooble is 45 days. We usually receive job postings through XML/RSS feeds, so outdated listings are automatically removed. Feeds are updated at least twice a day to ensure the freshness and completeness of job listings on our website.

What is the duration of premium job postings, and is it possible to extend them? Within the premium packages on Jooble, a paid campaign lasts for 1 calendar month. The extension of premium job postings is possible by mutual agreement. Therefore, job postings made through premium subscriptions will appear at the top of Jooble's search results for 30 days or more, depending on the agreed-upon terms.

How many job postings can be included in each premium package? There are no restrictions on the number of job postings in any of the available premium packages on Jooble. We welcome companies of any size and industry and offer the opportunity to post an unlimited number of job vacancies within our packages. We value content quality and do not publish aggregated or low-quality content, so we recommend posting only job vacancies that meet our requirements.

What are the minimum budgets for standard premium job posting packages? The minimum budget for premium job postings on Jooble is $200 or $500, depending on the chosen package. Our standard packages are offered at these price ranges and provide you with the opportunity to attract more attention to your job vacancies and receive high-quality candidates. For detailed information about budgets and advertising campaign terms, please visit the page.

If you have any further questions regarding premium job postings on Jooble, please contact our help center or get in touch with our representative. We are always ready to assist you in achieving the best candidate search results and ensuring effective promotion of your job vacancies on our website.

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