Sometimes we encounter issues on our website related to incorrect display of the company name in the job descriptions. As a result, vacancies associated with the same name are grouped together, which can cause inconvenience due to the mismatch.

While we understand that this can be somewhat burdensome for you, unfortunately, we don't have the ability to directly edit the company description page and all the vacancies. Our system automatically collects and updates information from various sources, and sometimes errors occur.

However, we would like to suggest the following steps to alleviate this situation:

  • Ensure data accuracy: Please check if the information about your company is correctly listed on your website and other job platforms. Make sure that the company name is displayed correctly and uniquely.
  • Contact our support: If incorrect data continues to appear on Jooble, or the vacancy on the source website differs from the vacancy on Jooble, please reach out to our customer support team via portal We will do our best to fix the issue or remove the company description page containing the incorrect information if you provide appropriate confirmation. 
    In your request, please provide us with the link to the vacancy on Jooble website and specify the details you would like to change.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Correct Information Vacancy Edit