Regardless of the type of website, EasyApply can be applied to it.
EasyApply allows candidates to submit applications directly on Jooble website. In this case, the candidate is not redirected to the source website of the job posting but remains on Jooble from the moment of searching for the vacancy on the SERP until the application is completed. In this scenario, the application entails submitting the candidate's contact information (name, email, phone number) and resume to the email associated with the vacancy.

Here's how it works for employers who have activated EasyApply:

Once a job seeker successfully applies for a vacancy, Jooble sends an email with the candidate's contact information to the email address specified for the job posting. 

The content of the email includes: 
1. A link to the job posting on Jooble to which the job seeker applied.
2.Contact details of the job seeker:
- Name
- Email address
- Phone number
3. An attachment containing the job seeker's resume.
4.Contact information for reaching out to Jooble in case of any issues with the vacancy/application (e.g., inactive vacancy, email sent to the wrong address, etc.).

The EasyApply feature can be disabled for all vacancies on the website at any time. In such a case, all job seekers will be redirected to the website to submit their applications. To deactivate EasyApply, simply let us know by contacting our support service through this link.

If we send you job seekers resumes to the incorrect email address by mistake, contact us via portal by creating a ticket. In your request, specify the desired way of receiving replies to your vacancies, the name of the company you represent, and provide us with the link to one of your vacancies on Jooble.

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